Projects and Grants

COLIMA – Coherent manipulation of light and matter via interferences of laser-dressed states

The key objective of the Project is to carry out coordinated transfer of knowledge measures between participating teams with aim to develop new collaborations, to transform the existing collaborations into long lasting synergies, and to enhance the level of scientific excellence of the participating early stage and experienced researchers. Regular transfer of knowledge will be upheld via secondments of researchers through all 4 years of the project. The transfer of knowledge will be carried out in the context of scientific research in the field of coherent manipulation of light and matter. New knowledge and novel scientific techniques enabling a better controlled manipulation of light-matter interactions, with direct relevance to such up-to-date topics like quantum information processing, precision time measurements, and sensitive magnetic field measurements, are among the expected outcomes.

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Trilateral Joint Research Cooperation project of Latvia, Lithuania and Taiwan – Coherent manipulation of matter by light and light by matter

The Project aims at the development of novel techniques for accurate manipulation of light-matter interactions by exploiting the modification of quantum states of matter during their interaction with coherent light fields, and the control of light fields by a medium with coherently prepared matter states. Work on manipulation of quantum states by coherent light beams will be focused on the formation of laser-dressed states in energy level systems with resolved an unresolved hyperfine structure and transformation of the gained knowledge into novel techniques for accurate quantum state control using Ramsey-type interference of laser-dressed states. Further studies of coherent light-matter interactions in presence of external magnetic fields will lead to the development of new techniques for sensitive magnetic field measurement. Work on manipulation of light by a coherently prepared medium will be focused on multicomponent slow and stationary light, its storage into the atomic coherences and subsequent retrieval, as well as control of propagation of slow light containing optical vortices using laser beams. Transfer of vortices from the control beam to the slow light during its storage and retrieval, and possible applications to quantum information storage and to the non-linear optics at low intensities will be analyzed. Experimental demonstration of single-photon cross-phase modulation is among the expected results.

LAMOL – Laser manipulation of stochastic molecular processes

The project aims at carrying out transfer of knowledge activities at a host university in a new Member State. These activities are carried out in the context of research work at the newly established Molecular Beam Laboratory and Laser Centre of the host. A number of international partner research groups with profound knowledge in related research fields are contributing to the rapid building up of a high level of competence at the host laboratory and to the initiation of new research directions. The research work combines laser manipulation in molecular beams with novel developments of the stochastic theory of molecular complex formation to explore new ways of control of bimolecular fragmentation processes. This work is organised in three main directions: development of novel techniques for laser manipulation of the molecular quantum states; studies of control of fragmentation of the molecular collision complexes; development of understanding about the stochastic processes involving photons and electrons.

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